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I have always experienced great success when there is a collaboration between students, teachers and parents; especially where there is an underlying goal established and executed. As a teacher my intention is to be a ladder for my students. I do not strive for perfection or to be the best teacher, I strive to do good executing my intention aiding students reach their full potential.

Dance has been a compassthat navigates me back to my humanity.

The lessons I have learned on the Marley transcend all aspects of my life. Some of these life skills are: respect for self and others, resilience, persistence, self awareness, self acceptance,the ability to use criticism as motivation, time management, body awareness, compassion towards self and others, self forgiveness, the importance of teamwork and individuality and the ability to remain teachable and humble.

Dance has been a compass that navigates me back to my humanity. Afterall, we are humans before we are dancers and we will remain human long after our bodies can no longer dance. My hope for you, my students, is that you will dance not only on stage but in life.