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I have always experienced great success when there is a collaboration between students, teachers and parents; especially where there is an underlying goal established and executed.

As a teacher my intention is to be a ladder for my students. I do not strive for perfection or to be the best teacher, I strive to do good executing my intention aiding students reach their full potential…

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Asa dancer I have been fortunatethat impact my professional and personal life

As a dancer I have been fortunate and have eagerly pursued opportunities that impact my professional and personal life.

I have danced professionally with Inland Pacific Ballet as a soloist, Los Angeles Ballet as a company member and Utah Metropolitan Ballet as a principle, where I am still a full time dancer.

I’ve performed in Austria, Canada, Germany, China and Korea and have taught at many Summer Intensives and studios. Some of these include: Jacqueline’s Ballet, Mississippi Ballet Theatre, Encinitas Ballet, Long Beach Ballet, and the Pointe Academy. In 2007 and 2008, I was a final round competitor and placed in the top 12 internationally at the Youth American Grand Prix in NYC…

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